Tuesday, 29 October 2013

St David's 2013: Part 2

Another couple of delightful days.  A drive up the Gwaun Valley and over the Prescelli Hills one day and one of our favourite walks from Solva the next. And the icing on the cake for both days? Singing Choral Evensong in the cathedral both evenings.
Elvis has left the building. Actually, he was never in this cromlech but he, or rather St Elvis, did establish a church close by. St Elvis was the mentor of St David and lived in the sixth century. I bet he did a wonderful Choral Evensong (uh uh uh).
Who are you looking at? Woof, woof.
Apart from all this, enjoy your stay and have fun.
Neanderthals this way?
The sun on the sea. Views like this all the way back from the midpoint of our walk at Pointz Castle (a Norman motte, the vestiges of which are still visible - but not in this panorama, obviously)
Solva form the Gribbin. A sleepy tourist village now but a hive of industry in days of yore. Apparently in 1840 you could catch a boat from here to the USA for £4. Not First Class I would guess.
Unusual for this time of year - some late blackberries in the hedgerow.
I call this one the "hole in a gatepost with a bit of barbwire" shot.

I call this one the "We do like to be beside the seaside" shot. Two Shaggy Parasol fungi (Lepiota Rhacodes) enjoying the sun on the cliffs.

I call this one the "Plonker in Purple" shot.
(By way of explanation, our annual visit to St David's coincides with the East Wickham Singers singing in the cathedral when the resident choir is on holiday. I've sung with the EWS for about 8 years now and, believe or not, I am qualified to wear the 'cathedral choirister' medal around my neck. Yes, I find that amazing as well).

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