Sunday, 27 October 2013

St David's 2013: Part 1

Down to St David's for our customary week at Glowty, just outside of the city.A time of walking, singing and generally relaxing. A decent walk yesterday from Nant-y-coy Mill near Wolf's Castle and this afternoon we ventured to the beach at Whitesands.  The weather is definitely brewing for something tonight. Will the forecasts be correct? Will we all be blown away? Will we be here in the morning?
An attractive fungus growing in small groups in rich pasture land. Tentatively identified as Panaeolus acuminatus

A striking yellow fungus growing on an elder branch. I think it'sTremella aurantia Stereum hirsutum.

Froth/spume whipped up by the high winds at Whitesands Bay. It looked as if the beach was covered in snow. That to the left is not water.

High seas and winds. Some of the waves must have been approaching 30' high. We've never seen it like this in all the years we've been coming here.

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