Saturday, 5 October 2013

In search of something that wasn't there!

To Minions on Bodmin Moor this afternoon with my IWC to see what was going on at a recent archaeological dig which took place whilst we were away. The dig uncovered a causeway linking two of the 4000 year old stone circles at the Hurlers. What we were hoping to see was:
Although it doesn't look like it, the stones are of local quartz and, as such, would have been impressively white in their original state. What we actually saw was:

The dig was over and, after recording what had been revealed, they'd covered it up again. Still, all was not lost as we continued our walk around the Cheesewring and back to the car. It was a very clear day and I reckon we could see for at least 25 miles. Here are a few more images.
Although it doesn't look much, the flat platform indicates a hut circle and is part of an extensive 4000 year old settlement called Stowe Hill Pound. Once you get your eye in, the landscape is littered with these.
A stretch of the mineral tramway/railway that once took granite from the moor to the docks at Looe for shipment all around the world. Dating from the end of the 1700s, it's about 25 miles long. The stones on which the rails ran are still visible, together with the holes into which the base plates were located.
The old mine and quarry workings are still causing subsidence problems 150 years after they ceased working. This wasn't here the last time we walked this way (about 12 months ago) and I estimate that the new hole has taken about 20 foot away from the previous track. Some spoilsport has erected a fence so you can't get close enough to see how deep it is (at least not when my IWC is around!).
And this is what a 25 mile vista looks like. We are looking east towards Dartmoor. We could just about make out our house on the slopes of Kit Hill about 6 miles away.

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