Friday, 7 February 2014

Me and my pianola......

Hooray for internet serendipity. Whilst tracking down some information on a WW1 soldier, I came across this advertisement which appeared in the Dover Express and East Kent News on Friday 16th January 1914.

Rainy Days Are Welcome, it proclaims, because of the joy of returning home to a Pianola Piano. I have a strong feeling that the natives around here, if asked whether rainy days are welcome at the moment - with or without the promise of a pianola performance - the answer I'd get would be a resounding "(expletive deleted) no". 

Haven't times changed since 1914? These days it is difficult to imagine a working man* sustaining himself* through his* labours in order to return home to the joys of a mechanical duet produced by a primitive musical machine. And another thing, why is his* wife* tinkering around with a pianola rather than beavering away in the kitchen cooking his dinner? I think he ought to lock the keyboard and take the key with him next time he leaves the house. Call me a chauvinist (you're a chauvinist, Parsons) but to my way of thinking a hearty beef casserole beats a Bach serenade any day.

(*Substitute woman, herself, her and husband as appropriate).

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