Saturday, 1 February 2014

St David's: January 2014: Part 2

A wild night last night with the wind as strong as we've ever experienced in these parts. Up and off to Whitesands Bay to watch the waves crashing against the rocks and then it was another bargain breakfast at the Oriel-y-Parc in St David's. After that we were lucky enough to have a break in the weather as we did a 4 mile walk in the Treffgarn Gorge, basically down one side and back up the other. A good stretch and it was a pleasure to be out and about. And, guess what, we ended up in the Nant-y-Coy Mill tea shop for a recuperative snack. We deserved it (?) after our exertions. Another watering hole that we'd recommend. And whilst we are on the subject of watering holes, the place we had dinner at the end of the day was pretty good as well, Crug Glas Country House at Groescoch. Well worth looking out for if you are in the area.
Waves at Whitesands Bay - almost reaching the spot where we normally sit. But not today. We stayed well back.
It's hard to guess the height of the waves from the photograph but we reckon they were 8 - 10 feet high. Funnily enough, there were no surfers out today. What faint hearts!
These Welsh cakes promised more than they delivered. A disappointing start to our breakfast at Oriel-y-Parc.
But the sausage and bacon baguettes hit the spot again! Ideal preparation for our walk.
Oi! I thought you said that there's no mud in Pembrokeshire?
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds worse in Welsh?
This bole bowled me over.

Another Jelly Fungus. This one is the almost black Leafy Brain jelly fungus - Tremella foliacea. And, yes, if you poke it, it does wobble like a jelly. At least it does at this time of year when it's fully hydrated. In the summer, it dries up to resemble black scales. My book says it's edible but tasteless - hardly a recommendation to try them out. A person I won't identify calls them Caninus turdus because they remind her of................

A holiday let in the woods - with firewood supplied.

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