Monday, 3 February 2014

St David's: January 2014: Part 4 (Final)

The last day of our break and the day dawned wet after an extremely windy night. All advice was that, due to the adverse conditions, walking on the coastal footpath was out. Consequently it was a day of pottering about and eating too much. It seemed sensible to save a day and travel home after Choral Evensong tonight. And that is what we will do after we've packed and loaded the car. We'll be back in October and, hopefully, it will have stopped raining by then!
Not my photograph as I pinched it from the Daily Mail website (sue me, Paul Dacre). It shows the bus that was swept off the road at Newgale by a 20 foot wave. The sea is to the right and the front of the bus is resting in the campsite. We've always thought that it was a daft place for a campsite and this proves it. Who would want to camp where there's a chance of a bus crashing into your tent?
Waves at Whitesands Bay. Higher than we've seen so far this break..............
........and the strong winds coming from the west were whipping the crests of the waves. No surfers again today: I wonder why!
We've passed by this many, many times and have never really noticed it. Perhaps the line of poppy crosses made it stand out more this time. The upright is part of a propeller from a USAAF Marauder aircraft which lost its bearings in fog and crashed into nearby Carn Llidli in 1943. All the four crew members died as a result of the crash.
Surely this is a dilemma shared by all lovers of sausage baguettes - should it be HP Sauce or Tomato Ketchup? I decided that it was time to make a definitive comparison. One baguette cut in half so any variables due to sausage or bread quality could be removed and then exactly the same amounts of HP or Ketchup dribbled on randomly allocated sides. I put my blindfold on and my attractive assistant passed me the portions in a sequence unknown by me.  Each piece was subjected to twenty chomps before swallowing. And the result? It's just got to be HP for sausages. That's official.
The choir stalls in the cathedral. When I'm with the East Wickham Singers, I'm generally seated to the left - not that makes any difference to my warbling.
A surprising amount of light in this night shot at the side of the cathedral. And who is that lurking on the left?

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