Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's snowing on The Lizard

Serves me right for being so smug about our lack of snow yesterday. This morning it came down pretty thickly, making driving very hazardous. Being true Brits we decided to carry on with our planned walk but gave up when it became obvious that negotiating the coastal footpath in these conditions might prove to be a foolhardy venture. So, a spot of sight-seeing instead. Gunwalloe Cove (where it was unusual to see snow on the beach), Mullion Cove, St Melanus's church at Mullion (14th Century carved wooden pews and 11th Century door) and St ?'s church at St Keverne (mass grave to 98 people lost in shipwreck circa 1900 and helping a local who was having a bad hypoglycaemic episode), broken by lunch at the Old Inn in Mullion. Perhaps we'll be able to get our boots on again tomorrow?

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