Friday, 8 January 2010

Of such things are dreams made...

I woke up this morning thinking "State socialism has failed. The Global Free Market has failed. Where do we go from here?" A rather depressing way to start the day and the issue must have been circulating in my subconscious throughout the night. Unfortunately, I did not wake up with some blinding insight which enabled me to answer the question. Where do we go from here? The politicians seem to think that the way to get us out of the present credit-crunch (what a benign way to describe it and a description that avoids apportioning any cause or blame) is to give us more of the same. Yep, that's going to work. It's rather like inviting the burglars back into your house to make sure that they didn't miss anything the first time around. The earth's resources are finite so let's encourage everyone to indulge in infinite consumerism. The mind boggles but the boggling mind still cannot come up with an answer. Where do we go from here?

Apart from ranting, a very pleasant last full day at Coverack. A day with low temperatures but brilliant blue skies and an undulating sea. A stroll along the coastal footpath into the village for a snack in The Wave cafe (highly recommended), returning a longer way on roads. Icy underfoot but wonderful to be out in it. Back to the apartment for some relaxation before heading back to The Wave this evening for a fish and chip supper! Fresh fish (haddock), hand cut chips and mushy peas - soul food.

Despite the rant in the first paragraph, it is really good to be alive!

Perhaps I'll close with a mini-rant: David Cameron.....Grrrr!

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