Thursday, 7 January 2010

Why Higher Downgate and elsewhere?

The blog had to have a title and 'musings from Higher Downgate and elsewhere' sums up what the blog will contain. I'm assuming that most of it will be written at home in Higher Downgate in Cornwall and some of it will be written elsewhere! For example, my posts this week are being written at Coverack, near the Lizard. We are renting an apartment on the headland down here and doing some walks on the Coastal Footpath. On the 5th we went due west and did a circular walk as far as Carrick Luz and yesterday, the 6th, we headed west as far as Lowland Point.

We are intending the complete the entire Cornish section of the South West Coastal Footpath and have plenty to do yet! The scenary is magnificent consistently and it's always a great pleasure to be out and about in the elements. This week we've had rain, hail, wind, ever-present mud, sunshine and very cold temperatures whilst most of the county and country have been experiencing the worst snow for some 20 years. It seems rather surreal to be watching snowstorms on the TV but seeing nothing like that when we look out of the window. The smattering we woke up to yesterday soon disappeared.

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