Sunday, 17 January 2010

Comments on some comments on the Haitian crisis from the USA

I'll start with confessing that I love the USA, have visited there many times and have a lot of very good American friends. But I must say that there are occasions when the contrasts within the country bemuse me. No doubt the reverse is true. I'm prompted to write these comments by three responses to the Haitian crisis.

The first is a series of very thoughtful, and thought provoking, essays written by Father George Clifford and recorded on his blog 'Ethical Musings' Take a look at his entries on January 16th 2010.

Now compare Father George's analysis, if you will, with the views, widely reported in the UK, of two of his compatriots:

* From Pat Robertson (described by the Guardian as America's foremost evangelical radio broadcaster) suggesting that the deaths of the Haitians are a result of the country's deal with the devil 200 years ago in order to free themselves from French colonial rule.
* From Rush Limbaugh ('America's most popular talkshow host') saying that Americans should not give a penny to the Haitians. He thinks that Barack Obama is exploiting the disaster for political ends a nd using it to enhance the credibility of the black community in the USA.

Of course, crass remarks are not restricted to rightwing Americans but, sometimes, I do think they have cornered the market. Thank goodness, there are those like Father George to redress the balance and let what I think is the real USA shine through.

It goes without saying, of course, that as much as I dislike what they ((Robertson and Limbaugh) say, I'd support their right to say it. And the right of everyone else who takes them to task.

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