Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A list of things on my mind today

1. The crisis in Haiti and the harrowing tales still emerging. Given that people are still being found alive in the rubble, it seems that the operation is still at the rescue stage.
2. The heartening way in which our community is gearing its fund raising efforts up. We are lucky in Cornwall that we have a well respected local charity, Shelterbox, that has an excellent 'brand' with which the county recognises.
3. Getting the latest edition of the Old School News finished in time for the printer's deadline.
4. Thinking about preparations for the weekend (preparing a meal for friends on Friday, having Ellen for the first time, Amnesty International regional conference in Plymouth, baking bread for Sunday Haiti fund raiser at the Old School).
5. Jan's suffering with a sore throat and nascent head cold.

I think that's enough things on the list for one brain to tackle for the moment.

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