Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Not me guv!

Alistar Campbell is on the TV giving evidence to the Iraq Inquiry. Devious he may be but he is a professional communicator. I don't think we should expect him to make any startling revelations or give any ammunition to be used against Tony Blair when he comes up next week. Thus far, he seems to be keeping to the line of "I was a humble servant of the Prime Minister and everything we did, we did in good faith". The Inquiry seems very cold and clinical (could it be anything else?) and seems totally unrelated to the fact that countless men, women and children have been killed as a result of the decisions that Campbell was involved in. The whole spectacle is, in my opinion, a glaring example of the fact that being politically expeditious does not necessarily mean being morally or ethically correct. Was it ever thus? All of this supposedly in my name as a citizen of the UK? Not in my name, it isn't!

Meanwhile, in the real world, it's snowing but it does look rather wet. Perhaps it will not settle or perturb the general thawing that's going on.

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